ABS TO ENVY

Many people often make the mistake of overtraining their abs. Quite frankly, doing 100 crunches per day is no more effect ivethan doing 15 solid crunches using the right form.  The abs like every other muscle only needs to be trained twice per week.  The problem is many people are content their bodies minus the abs.

So the solution to this we feel are doing large numbers of crunches hoping to get the abs we want . However, there is a lack of understanding as to what crunches actually do.  Crunches strengthen your abdominals., they do not burn fat.  You cannot perform enough crunches to burn fat throughout the body to the point that your abdominals begin to show.  Only the large muscles of the body such as the chest, back, quads and hamstrings help you burn fat. So doing hundreds of crunches hoping to burn fat is a fruitless endeavor. 

There is absolutely no point in purchasing a machine simply to work your abs, this is silly and a awaste of money.  As mentioned before the abs are not large enough to burn significant calories and you can't spot reduce. If, you want to buy a machine then choose something that provides more of a cardiovascular workout.  And please forget the diet pills that supposedly only targets fat on the stomach.  Those pills would have to be some type of articifical intelligence to pull that off.

You must watch what you eat in particular sugar , cut down on calories and fat and peform a sufficient number of cardio sessions (at least 3 per week ) for 30 minutes in order to burn fat throughout  your body which will lead to less fat around your waistline.  Follow some of the fit and lively tips such as not eating after 7 pm but if you must make sure its something healthy such as scrambled egg whites, yogurt, whey protein etc.

 Perform the following routine twice per week:

                                Sets                Reps

Bicycles                       2               20-30
Crunch on a ball         2               12-15
Plank                          2               1 minute
Reverse crunch           2                12-15

Side Bends                  2                12-15