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Strength Training for beginners


                Adding Strength training to your routine can help you get achieve results faster. Want tight sculpted legs? You can’t get that from doing Cardio alone. Besides giving you a great shape, strength training helps you lose fat, increases your metabolism, decreases your risk of developing osteoporosis and heart disease.

Despite these benefits many women are afraid of strength training because they fear they will bulk up. I see it whenever I go to the gym; women running or walking for what seems like hours on the treadmill and then appear confused b/c their legs don’t have the shape they want it to. And, then there are some women who do add strength training to their routine but don’t ever use weights above 5lbs. The truth is you would have to be lifting an incredible amount of weight and using supplements geared to helping you build that kind of muscle in order for you to get that big. Even with very heavy training the average woman may only build a pound or two of muscle per month. You want to see fast results? Have a tighter rear end? Then you need to start lifting weights.  Your muscle is what defines your legs and your rear end. Yes, cardio does burn fat but if that’s all you do, you’ll just be skinny. You won’t have gorgeously shaped legs or a really tight, hard rear-end. Only, strength training can give you those kind sof results.   The fact is its O.K to venture outside of cardio section of your local gym. You won’t instantly transform into Arnold Schwarzenegger (younger version) just my entering the weights section.  If you are new to weight training, I suggest you start out twice per week, working the entire body on both days. Remember, always talk to your doctor before you start any new exercise routine.  Here is a great two day schedule.


                                                                                                        Exercise               Set         Reps

                                                                                                       Squat                    2              10-15

                                                                                                       Deadlift               2              10-15

                                                                                                       Pushup                 2              10-15

                                                                                                       Bent over Row   2              10-15 (per side)

                                                                                                       Bicep curl             2              10-15

                                                                                                       Lat raises              2              10-15

                                                                                                       Crunch (ball)       2              25

                                                                                                       Reverse crunch  2              25



                                                                                                      Stationary lunge               2              10-15 (per leg)

                                                                                                      Reverse Lunge                   2              10-15 (per leg)

                                                                                                      Incline Bench press         2              10-15

                                                                                                      Military press                     2              10-15

                                                                                                      Bench dip                             2              10-15

                                                                                                      Crunch (ball)                       2              25

                                                                                                      Reverse crunch                  2              25

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