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Tight toned arms

Many of us don’t think about shaping up until Spring and Summer time when we pull out those sleeveless t-shirts and bathing suits.  When that time comes we want our arms to look firm and tight.  As women, we are mostly concerned with the triceps which is the muscle that runs along the back of your arms.  Keeping this muscle thight and strong will help prevent “jiggle arms.”

When performing an exercise make sure to work your arms independently of each other allowing you to lift heavier weights. For example if you  lift both arms together and one arm is weaker than the other which for a lot of people this will be the case, then the stronger arm will try to compensate for the difference.  Working your arms independently prevents  this.

Do work your arms twice per week until you have achieved your desired look. After that you only need to work these muscles groups once per week. I highly recommend adding some cardio in between each set such as jumping jacks, jump rope, jogging in place etc. Do this for one minute between each set. A set is a number of reps. In this case 8 to 12 reps is one set. Do your 1 minute cardio then move on to the next set etc. Do at least 2 sets per exercise.

When performing your sets try to use a different weight in each set. For example: Performing Dumbbell curls with 10 lbs for 12 reps, 12 lbs for 10 reps and 15 lbs for 8 reps etc.  See you on the beach!

                                                           Reps           Sets

Alternate Dumbbell Curls      8-12 reps          2-3   

Hammer Curls                          8-12 reps          2-3

Tricep Press                             8-12 reps          2-3

Tricep Kickback                       8-12 reps          2-3



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